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A challenging total-body workout inspired by traditional Pilates techniques will prepare you to meet the physical demands of everyday life. Pilates teaches awareness of breathing, alignment of the spine, strengthens the core and corrects body posture and faulty movement patterns. The goal of Pilates is to train the body to move with ease and efficiency by developing balanced muscles.

Our Pilates group fitness classes are conducted at all clubs and are extremely popular among members because it is for all age groups. Since it is low-impact on the joints, it is a safe and effective way to strengthen the entire body. Anyone from novice fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes or people recovering from injuries or chronic medical conditions can benefit and see results.

If you find that you have limited or restricted range of motion and flexibility when using your spine and back, you might want to join Pilates classes to overcome this problem. While physical limitations and flexibility also depend on age and lifestyle, with a regular Pilates regime your body can reach its potential in the areas of flexibility and strength. As always, at Wynn Fitness, our member-friendly fitness instructors will guide and motivate you.
Oh yes, don’t forget to bring your yoga mat for this class.