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Are you bored of running on a treadmill or working out on an elliptical? Are you looking for an exciting alternative to burn calories and melt that stubborn fat in a high-energy environment? Join one of the most popular spinning group fitness classes today! It’s an excellent way to improve your cardio-vascular capacity, tone and relieve stress. This exercise routine is a great way to help you build strong thigh and calf muscles.

Since spinning is a low-impact exercise, it is less stressful on your joints compared to other higher impact choices.  Hence, it is one of the best choices for those needing to ensure minimal impact to their joints. This class offers a super high calorie burn and some people exceed 800 calories burned in a single 60-minute class!

At Wynn Fitness, our instructors will guide you at each step of your way. And along with other participants on high-octane music tracks, you will be inspired to push yourself harder each time you attend our class.  There are numerous benefits to a spinning workout. Rigor and intensity will vary from class to class and from club to club. Your routines might include Interval Training, Hill Climbs and or other variations.  

Why Spinning?
The benefits are numerous. The best part is that you can cycle indoor anytime of the year without worrying about inclement weather. Another benefit is that the learning curve is very short – sit down and pedal!  You control your own intensity by changing your speed or tension.  Furthermore, almost everyone can ride a bike.  

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