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Maintaining Fitness During the Holidays

Friday November 04 2016

It’s that time of year when your schedule is going to start to get even busier, with holiday shopping, parties, celebrations, and other events. Finding time to maintain a regular workout schedule can seem challenging, not to mention the wide variety of holiday foods you will want to enjoy.

The most important thing you want to avoid is a complete interruption in your workout routines. The last thing you want to do is to stop exercising. If you do this, it only takes about two weeks before your body starts deconditioning itself. This makes it much more difficult to get back into your normal routines after the holidays. Plus, it can up to three time longer to re-establish your prior fitness level before you stopped.

It is better to continue to exercise at least twice a week. As long as you can fit in two intense cardio workout sessions where you amp up your heart rate, you will find it much easier to get back into your normal workout routines once the holidays are over.

If you will be traveling for the holidays and away from your fitness club in Toronto or elsewhere in the GTA, consider alternative solutions, like using the fitness equipment in your hotel or going out jogging. If it is too cold outside, and you are staying with relatives, who have a two-story home, a slow sprint up and down the stairs for about a half hour is a great workout.

In cases where you are finding it difficult to fit in exercise in the afternoon and evenings, consider moving it to earlier in the morning. Most people are far more likely to stick to their workouts when they do them first thing in the morning, before going to work or doing other holiday activities.

It also helps to schedule your workout sessions on your calendar. Just remember to allow sufficient travel time to/from the fitness centre so you are not rushed or do not have enough time to complete your workout.

The biggest temptation for many people is overdoing it when it comes to eating all those tasty holiday foods, treats, cookies, and desserts. Don’t let yourself get too carried away. It is okay to indulge a little and enjoy your favourites. For instance, if you have an afternoon lunch and an evening dinner to attend on the same day, consider eating a full lunch, but skip on afternoon desserts and at the evening dinner, enjoy lighter options and dessert.

It is also beneficial to use portion control to avoid stuffing yourself. Most importantly, listen to your body! If you feel full stop eating, even if food is left on the plate. You can always ask the host/hostess if you can take some of the food home with you to enjoy later.

If you need exercise encouragement and motivation, remember Wynn Fitness Clubs are here to help! Do not hesitate to call us at (905) 276-0040 to find out our holiday hours of operation and group fitness class schedules, or to arrange a consultation with one of our personal trainers.