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Holiday Hours

Thursday November 24 2016

Please be aware, these are the Holiday Hours for 2016.

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Zumba Event 2016

Tuesday September 27 2016

#TBT to the Zumba Dance-a-thon that took place last weekend in support of

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Such a wonderful turnout - we appreciate you!

Thank you for your continued support!



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Canada Day Holiday Hours 2016

Monday June 27 2016

 Canada Day Holiday Hours - We're OPEN 8am to 6pm

No excuses! Be sure to get that workout in!


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What Is the Rest Period in Between Sets of Lifting Weights?

Saturday May 07 2016

The amount of time you rest in between weightlifting sets, while working out at your local Mississauga fitness centers, is something you need to become aware of as you work on your fitness goals. The time periods between sets is normally different for each person, based upon their actual objective. You need to identify what your current objective is and use this to determine the correct amount of time to rest.


Some of the more common goals people establish while developing their workout routines, include:


Weight Loss


Weightlifting is an ideal way to lose fat and burn calories. For people with this goal, it is highly recommended to create a well-balanced routine that combines cardio training, endurance training, muscle building, and strength training. It is important to focus on one specific objective during your workouts during each session.


It is worth noting muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue. As you start to burn calories and lose fat, it is not uncommon to notice a decline in weight, initially, and then as the muscle tissues become stronger and bigger, your weight could start to gradually increase. This is simply a reflection of your body become leaner, more fit, and healthy.


Endurance Training


The goal of endurance training is to help improve muscle endurance quickly by increasing resistance to fatigue. One effective way to increase endurance is to use complete 15 to 20 repetitions in a minute or less, using light to moderate weights. After each set, rest periods range between 45 seconds up to 2 minutes.


Muscle Building


The objective of building muscle is increasing muscle mass, by increasing the release of anabolic hormones needed for bigger muscles. To help increase the mass of muscles, perform sets using moderate to heavy weights. Each set should consist of between 6 and 12 repetitions, with one to two minute rest periods in between sets.


Strength Training


The goal of strength training is to help make you stronger. You will want to use heavy weights and complete between 1 to 6 repetitions as quickly as possible. After each set, you should rest for 3 to 5 minutes to give the body time to produce phosphagen, a naturally occurring phosphate compound found within the body, which is produced in small quantities and needed to be able to lift heavier weights.


It should now be evident each type of weightlifting training has its own rest periods and weight requirements. As previously mentioned, this is why it is important to only focus on one specific objective or goal at a time during each workout session. For further assistance in creating a personalized workout routine to help you achieve your fitness goals, please feel free to stop by Wynn Fitness Clubs or call us at (416) 366-7500 today!

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Why Exercise Is Important When Dieting

Monday March 21 2016

There is all sorts of information found online about dieting and exercising. Some say you only need to diet to lose weight and exercise is not necessary. Others say you can lose weight and still eat what you want as long as you exercise on a regular basis at your local fitness centre in Toronto. This is just a few of the different opinions on the subject of dieting and exercise and there are many more.

So who is right and what is best?


While all of the information found online provides great research information, the thing you need to remember is we are all individuals. Everyone will have their own specific weight loss and exercise objectives and goals. Further, our bodies tend to operate slightly differently from each other. For instance, Joe might have a much slower metabolism rate than Steve. Other factors, like height, age, body mass index (BMI), overall health, and more play into what is truly best for you.

Dieting alone is not a good idea.


Cutting down on your caloric intake, cutting out meals and snacks, and so on, does reduce the amount of food you consume. When the body’s food supplies are cut down and meals are skipped, the body initially responds with an initial drop in weight. However, what many people do not know, is this weight loss is not mostly fat, but rather mostly lost muscle mass.


While you might drop three to five pounds, you notice the weight starts to slowly creep back up. Why? The body has adjusted to the reduced amount of food it gets and starts converting and storing it away as fat. The body does not know when it will get its next meal, so rather than burning all the food as energy, it needs to make sure there is a reserve. If you return to your normal eating habits, it is not uncommon for you to end up gaining more weight than before you starting dieting.

Exercise alone is not the best approach.


Simply exercising for about 30 minutes each day is not going to help you reach your weight loss goals if you do not make changes to your diet. Continuing to eat fast food, sugary snacks, take-away, and other such food most of the time makes it much harder for the body to burn calories and lose weight. Even people, who are physically active all the time will start to notice weight gain from an unhealthy diet.

Dieting and exercising together is the best approach.


Ideally the best approach is a well-balanced combination of the right diet and right exercise routines to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. The body does not require big meals to function correctly. Eating smaller portions of healthy food and snacks every two to three hours throughout the day is healthier. It allows the body time to digest the food and burn it as energy.


When you combine eating five to six smaller food and snack portions along with 30 minutes of daily exercise, you will start to feel better, lose the weight you want to, and improve your overall health. A well-rounded exercise program should consist of anaerobic, aerobic, and strength training exercises.


Whether you are doing aerobic exercises or strength training, anaerobic exercises are intense exercises to kick start you routine, after proper stretching and warm up. They are short in duration and only last a minute or two.


Once your body is warmed up, then you should spend about 30 minutes on either aerobic exercises or strength training. It is a good idea to rotate between aerobic exercises and strength training on alternating days, rather than attempting to do both every single day.


Exercising increases the body’s metabolism rate. As such, it is not uncommon to feel hungry after an intense workout. This means your body is burning energy (fat) and needs more food. This is why it is best to consume five or six smaller portions of food and snacks to provide a small amount of regular energy to the body, while allowing it to burn fat stores to supplement the rest of the energy the body requires.


For more information about dieting and exercising, and to have a personalized and customized exercise routine created just for you, please feel free to contact Wynn Fitness Clubs at 416-412-0007 today! We have fitness centres in Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Toronto West, Downtown Toronto, and Toronto East.


It is important to mention before starting a diet or exercise routine, it is in your best interests to consult with your healthcare provider, in cases where you are overweight, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, are at risk for heart and/or lung disease, or have not exercised in quite some time.

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Easter Holiday HRS 2016

Tuesday March 15 2016

Easter Holiday Hours 2016

We're OPEN be sure to get that workout in!

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Family Day Holiday HRS 2016

Monday February 15 2016

Family Day - Holiday Hours

We're open Feb 15, 2016 from 8am to 6pm

Be sure to get that workout in!

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Food Sort 2015

Saturday November 28 2015

The North York Harvest Food Bank is the primary food bank in northern Toronto, distributing 2 million pounds of food in 2014 through 60 community programs. An independent, charitable organization, they envision a community where all members are able to meet their food needs.

Last year, families and individuals in northern Toronto received 180,000 food hampers through their network of neighborhood food banks, community kitchens, perinatal programs for expecting mothers and new parents, shelters for women and youth, and drop-in meal programs.

We are a proud supporter of the North York Harvest Food Bank and its initiatives. For more pics check out our Facebook page!


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