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How Joining a Fitness Club in Mississauga Will Help Deal with Stress

Monday January 23 2017

Most people know exercising regularly at their local Mississauga fitness club is good for their bodies, helps strengthen the immune system, and builds stronger muscles. While you may have made an effort to become more physically fit for your New Year’s resolution and already gave up, because you are just too busy and stressed, you need to give exercise a second chance. Did you know that exercise also helps reduce stress?


Before we explain how exercise reduces stress, let’s first look at how stress affects our eating and dietary habits. Stress in an emotion we cannot get rid of. It is one of those emotions you could say, we can’t stand to live with, but cannot survive without it. It is finding this balance of optimal stress at the appropriate levels that is beneficial.


When we have an optimal amount of stress, our performance levels are enhanced and we are more productive. However, it is once we pass this threshold where stress becomes a hindrance as we find ourselves anxious and if we do nothing, could experience a full blow up or nervous breakdown.


It is also at this level the release of hormones within our body start to change. As we become more anxious and stress passes its optimal levels, the brain singles the release of adrenaline as part of our “flight or fight” response, along with cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that can trick us into thinking we are hungry and tempt us to seek out “comfort” foods, like ice cream, cookies, fried foods, or other sugary and salty snacks.


The problem with cortisol is it blocks our brain’s ability to recognize when the stomach is actually full. This is why someone, who is extremely stressed overeats and consumes larger portions of foods and snacks. As we consume the “comfort” foods, it causes the brain to release “feel-good” hormones, and could help bring our stress levels back down. However, until the stress is reduced to more manageable levels, cortisol will continue to be released.


Rather than seeking out comfort foods when you feel anxious and stressed and risk packing on extra belly fat, exercise is a much healthier stress reliever. From anaerobic to aerobic and weight training, all forms of exercise makes it easier to manage stress levels and here’s how:

  1. Exercise helps increase the production and release of endorphins. Endorphins are a hormone the body releases whenever we are active for an extended period of time and have been known to help reduce stress, relieve tension headaches, and more.
  2. Exercise helps improve our focus. As you start exercising, your will find you are concentrating on the motions and movements, and less about the cause of your stress. This active-form of meditation helps improve your optimism, as well as energy, while lowering stress.
  3. Exercise helps improve our moods. The more you exercise, the more it can help relax you and create a meditative state, which translates into getting a better night’s sleep and a reduction in your anxiety and stress.

Many people also discover when they exercise at least three times a week for 30-minutes each session, their self-confidence increases, too. For healthy stress relief and management, please feel free to stop by one of our Wynn Fitness Clubs locations today or call us (905) 276-0040!

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Tips for Successfully Shedding Excess Weight Gained During the Holidays

Friday December 23 2016

Every New Year’s a large number of people make the resolution to get into shape and shed off all that excess weight piled on during the holidays. Unfortunately, what actually ends up happening, is within a few weeks of regular visits to a fitness centres in Mississauga, Toronto, and the GTA, people stop going. By the time spring rolls around, close to 90% of the people, who made the resolution to get fit, have completely stopped going to the gym.


Here at Wynn Fitness Clubs, we want you to be successful at not only sticking with your New Year’s resolution, but also not giving up after a few weeks by offering the following tips and suggestions you can use to meet your fitness goals in 2017:

1. Join a fitness club with a buddy.

Having someone you know to hold you accountable for your workouts and vice versus is beneficial. You can encourage each other as you work on reaching your goals. Plus, some friendly competition down the road, after establishing your workout habits, provides further motivation.

2. Commit to regular visits for a 21 day period.

Most experts agree that it takes about three weeks to establish and maintain new habits, like fitness workouts. Your body also needs time to adjust to the new routines. Once you hit this mark, you are more likely to stick with your fitness plan the entire year or longer.

3. Get a personal trainer.

If you do not have a friend or family member who will join the fitness club with you, use one of our experienced personal trainers to help keep you on track during your first month or longer.

4. Make new friends with similar goals and objectives.

The key to being successful is having human interaction with others.

5. Limit your workout times when you first begin.

You should only workout for about 20 to 30 minutes the first few weeks. You would be surprised by how many people think they can push themselves for an hour or longer each visit and quickly discover they are sore because they overdid it and, as a result, quickly start missing regular visits and eventually just stop completely.

6. Limit the number of days you visit.

When first starting a new fitness program, it is best to gradually work into it by limiting the number of days you visit the gym to three or four a week. Those that visit every single day, quickly burn out and give up.

7. Incorporate both cardiovascular and strength training into your routines.

You need both types of workouts to lose weight and properly condition your body. Plus, by rotating between the two, various muscle groups have time to rest in between workouts.


For more tips and suggestions to help you succeed at sticking with your New Year’s resolution and losing excess holiday weight, please feel free to visit your nearest Wynn Fitness Clubs location or contact us at (905) 276-0040 today!

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Thanksgiving Holiday HRS 2016

Monday October 10 2016

Have a safe and happy holiday!

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Getting the Most out of Your Workouts

Thursday September 29 2016

If you are finding you are having difficulties achieving your fitness goals, part of the problem could be with your workout routines and how often you are visiting your local fitness centres in Toronto and the GTA. Far too often, people start a workout plan only to toss the towel in after a few weeks or months because they are not getting the results they desire.


If you are becoming frustrated with not reaching your goals or are looking for some ideas on how to maximize your workouts, consider the following tips and suggestions.


    • Commitment – There is a fine line between wanting to get fit and actually doing it. Commitment to workouts is essential in order to reach your goals. Many people know what they need to do, but lack the commitment to do it. The best way to reinforce commitment is to make yourself stick with a fitness program for a minimum of 30 days. After this time, workouts should become a normal part of your daily routines.
    • Schedule Workouts – When you are first getting started, it can be beneficial to schedule your workouts at a time that works best for you every day. You may also want to continue this habit if you are easily distracted and might forget to visit the gym on a workout day.
    • Warmups – Stretching has been a common practice for warmups prior to working out. Try squats, leg extensions, knee raises, lunges, leg swings, and other movements for your warmups instead.
    • Have a Plan – You might notice some people wandering aimlessly from one piece of equipment to another. This is because they did not think ahead before arriving at the fitness centre on what they wanted to focus on during their visit. Make sure when you walk in the door you have a plan so you can maximize your workout time.
    • Vary Your Routines – Do the same weight lifting sets and using the same cardio equipment can result in lag. Your body is no longer being challenged to push itself further. Vary your routines by trying out new cardio equipment and different types of weight lifting sets.
    • Keep a Record of Your Progress – Start a journal where you can record what types of workouts you did that day, the number of sets and reps, the amount of weights used during each set, and so on. You can also include a section where you track your body measurements as these are the best indication you are moving towards your goals and objectives.
    • Get a Workout Buddy – Find someone who shares similar goals and objectives as you, and ask them if they want to be your workout buddy. Having another person there to workout with not only makes workouts more fun, but also can provide encouragement and support to keep you focused on reaching your goals.
    • Ask Questions and Get Help – If you are not sure how to use equipment, change weights, or have other workout questions, you can get help from the fitness centre’s staff including personal trainers, who will help create your own personalized workout plan to help you reach your goals.


For more tips to help you get the most out of your workouts, or to learn more about our 30-day fitness challenge, please stop by your local Wynn Fitness Clubs location or contact us at (905) 276-0040.

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Zumba Event 2016

Tuesday September 27 2016

#TBT to the Zumba Dance-a-thon that took place last weekend in support of

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Such a wonderful turnout - we appreciate you!

Thank you for your continued support!



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Post Workout Smoothie For Recovery

Tuesday August 30 2016

Post Workout Smoothie For Recovery

1 scoop protein
8 oz almond milk
Greek yogurt
½ banana
¾ c mixed berries
Blend, serve and enjoy!

Frozen berries for garnish (optional) #eatcleanlivelean #shoplocal


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Zumba Event

Saturday September 24 2016

Those who do not want to take part with a pledge form can purchase tickets at door
$25 for 12:30-2:30 or $25 for 3:00-5:00
*ONLY those who take part with a  pledge form and raise $50+ will receive a gift bag and are elegible 
for prizes

Participants can bring their children 8yrs + from 12:30-3:00. Children will be with 2 zumba kid instructors in another studio where they will be taught zumba steps and two  different choreo. Kids will then dance what they have learned at 2:30 for their parents and participants.

proceeds of tickets, barbeque, refreshments
will to go to CBCF

Thank you



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Canada Day Holiday Hours 2016

Monday June 27 2016

 Canada Day Holiday Hours - We're OPEN 8am to 6pm

No excuses! Be sure to get that workout in!


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